Teach students to be bold and innovate - when and how to use smartphones and selfie-sticks for video

Encourage students to experience new things. Ingenuity can solve tricky situations. For example, you can shoot someone from a distance and still get good audio of the voice without wireless equipment by planting a lavalier / lapel mike on the subject, connected to a digital voice recorder slipped into subject’s pocket. The audio track can easily be synchronized with video. I successfully used this technique in a student’s story about a basketball team coach. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaQkWEaFORs

Teach them when and how to use smartphones for video

Smartphones are good for wide or detailed shots outdoors or indoors but only in good light. You generally need a microphone if you use it for voice sound bites.

Teach them to use smartphones for action or POV shots

Smartphones can stand in for go-pros. If properly secured, they work great. Students must improvise ways to mount them. For instance, a student used a Sony Xperia Z1 to shoot action POV video of a handball player in action. We used an elastic strap bandage to place it on player’s chest, with impressive results.

Teach them to use selfie sticks for piece-to-camera shots

Selfie sticks can provide a viable solution for a short piece-to-camera, but only if students use a microphone.