Use proper gear in training

The first four weeks are dedicated to preproduction. During this time, the student must identify and document the story, get permissions and approvals (some stories require such official approvals), meet and talk to subjects, gather archive material.
The next six weeks are assigned for production.
The last two weeks are for finalizing and trimming visual products, which are to be presented in the final meeting.

•    DSLR or HD video camera
•    High resolution Smartphones
•    Lavalier microphone - makes a good interview sound possible.
•    The handheld directional mike is a must for vox pops, stand-ups or short interviews in noisy environments.
•    The tripod is a must in order to provide a professional look to your visual story. 

Teach students to always use a tripod (unless impossible)

Demonstrate the use of tripods and insist on the necessity of using them.

Teach students to take time to shoot steady, well composed shots

For clean, straight, professional quality look.

If tripod use is impossible, teach them the “human tripod” technique

Show students and exercise the “human tripod” posture