Project Report Model Course

Rétfalvi Györgyi (Instructor) , Veronika Zagyi (Researcher)

Topics: P8 , Social media , Project

Producing Report for Social Media

BKF’s “Project Report” course integrates students of print/online specialization and radio/tv specialization, multiplying multimedia experiences by using social media as a platform and also as a subject of reporting.

University: Budapesti Kommunikációs és Üzleti Főiskola (BKF) – University of Applied Sciences, Hungary
College/Department: Department of Communication and Media Sciences
Study Program: Integrated Media Level: BA
Students: 20 ECTS: 3 Duration: 12 weeks

The aim of the course is for students to plan and produce a multimedia report on the subject of sSocial media, with a main actor on the field of SM, and to pulish the report via SM. Students have to exploit their knowledge in multimedia producing, and create a media product that will be included in their portfolio. Students work throughout a 12-week time frame in autonomous editorial teams (3 persons in each team), and use Facebook or Twitter as news channels.

They work 2 hours per week.

They learn the fundamentals of creative writing, reporting, and camera operations. Then they gain knowledge of live reporting on an event. In accordance (from October), they begin to develop the video report, make contacts, and plan each task. The video report is developed during the last weeks.



Practical exercise / application

Learning outcome

Live coverage of an event

Live blogging on a conference organized by the university (the empasis is on the collection of material about the subjects and the speakers beforehand, and on the accuracy of the topics reported live).

Accuracy, speed, previous exploration of a topic.

Online Report

One week later reporting on the same subject but with original elements (with emphasis on creative writing and a photo gallery).

The written text is very important: must be grammatically and stylistically correct,  follow the principles of a report (coherence, exactitude, precision), and to be original.

Video Report

Video reporting on the thematic of social media (combining interviews and insert shorts/B-roll).

Concerning the pictures: they don’t need to be perfect or artistic, the importance is their value of testimony, the attention to technical fundamentals (the interviewee is not closing his eyes, the sun is not in front, the colors are balanced, etc.).

Concerning the preparatory work: to be persistent when contacting people for the interview, to be able to adapt their questions and reflect the context in which the interviewee evolves.  


Students are evaluated on the basis of the live blogging, the online report and the video report. The different criteria are based on learning outcomes such as capacity of accuracy, the quality of the written text, originality, and basic technical know-how.



Title / Description of content


Bernáth László (eds.)

Új műfajismeret / A guide of journalistic genres from print to online.


Mc. Adams Melinda

Flash Journalism: How to Create Multimedia News Packages / The book includes 10 lessons, from the basics of working with Flash drawing tools to creating a photo slideshow with sound.


Brown Blain

Motion Picture and Video Lighting / This book explores technical, aesthetic, and practical aspects of lighting for film and video.



Video report on cyber harassment between students. This video was made in 2014 with college students.

Video report with a previous student from BFF, who today is a young specialist of online and social media marketing.

Download | Project Report.pdf (62kb)

Project Report