New Media News Publishing

Patrik Häggqvist (Instructor) , Helena Meldré (Researcher)

Topics: LNU , Multi-platform , Multimedia , Web/Online , Production

Multichannel news production

The students work with news evaluation and news presentation through different publishing channels.

University: Luleå University of Technology
College/Department: Department of Media, Audio Technology, Experience Production and Theater
Study Program: Journalism Level: BA
Students: 30 ECTS: 8 Duration: 5 weeks

This course is in the fourth semester of the programme.
The course is focused on new and alternative distribution channels and publishing forms for journalistic material. The special characteristics and conditions of different channels are being discussed and problematized in relation to journalistic perspectives.
Special emphasis is put on how modern editorial offices, with a number of publishing channels, work with news evaluation and presentation in relation to the chosen channel or channels. The course contains a presentation and studies of how different roles, communication, and workflows are affected by the production conditions of new media.



Practical exercise / application

Learning outcome

News evaluation and journalistic production

Differences and similarities in working with and publishing news in traditional vs. new media is problematized and discussed in seminars.

During a large part of the course, the students practise news evaluation and journalistic production in relation to the uniqueness of different media channels.

Students work in multichannel news room settings with exercises in news evaluation and news bulletin production in different formats and for different media channels. Both existing published news material as well as student produced news material is used for news evaluation and adaption for different channels.





Account for the specific requirements regarding content and format for different publishing techniques forms and platforms.

Discuss and evaluate characteristics and conditions of different publishing forms in relation to news content.

Independently adapt a given journalistic material to the requirements for publishing in new media.

Independently produce journalism for different non-traditional publishing forms.

Discuss and analyse different publishing forms in regards to target groups and reception.


Written and verbal examinations will take place throughout the course through active participation in seminars and assignments during the news exercises, individually and in groups, and a written exam at the end of the course.



Title / Description of content


Nygren, Gunnar and Zuiderveld, Maria



En himla många kanaler: Flerkanalpublicering i svenska mediehus.

(A Lot of Channels: Multichannel Publishing in Swedish Media Houses)




Peters, Chris and Broersma, M J

Rethinking Journalism – Trust and Participation in a Transformed New Landscape




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New Media News Publishing