Entrepreneurship Training: Turn the idea into a plan and into business

Asbjørn Jørgensen (Researcher) , Kim Albæk (Instructor)

Based on five years with entrepreneurship training for journalism BA students in their last semester, this tip sheet offers a range of concrete tips for the training of journalism students for working in a new and demanding media industry.

The tip sheet refers to issue no. 7 in the IJIE State of the Art analysis (the Ten Tips Guide): “Future journalists should be given information about the new business models”.

This paper is based on experiences from the teaching of ‘journalistic entrepreneurship’ at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, DMJX.

Over the last five years, final-semester journalism BA students follow an 8-week course on innovation, concept development, pitching, and entrepreneurship.

There is a double purpose of the course: 1) Prepare students to establish their own business. And 2) prepare them to act as intrapreneurs and innovators inside existing organisations.

The main contributor to this tip sheet is associate professor Kim Albæk, course coordinator. He draws on a range of internal and external guest lecturers, as well as a smaller core group of fellow teachers who counsel the students on their projects.

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Entrepreneurship Training