Let's meet: What journalism teachers expect from international seminars

Kresten Roland Johansen (Researcher) , Asbjørn Jørgensen (Researcher)

Topics: DJMX , Social media , Education , Reflection on Practice

There is a need for a cross-border exchange of inspiration and teaching methods among journalism teachers in Europe. A survey among Nordic teachers provides possible models for the establishing of seminars with such a purpose.
This tipsheet refers to issue no. 10 in the IJIE State of the Art analysis (the Ten Tips Guide): “Establish a European conference of journalism schools centered on the training of journalists in a digital technological environment, held for staff, journalists, and researchers from different countries."

This is based on the findings in a survey done among journalism teachers – all of whom participated in the 2014 version of the biannual Nordic j. teachers' conference in September 2014 in Reykjavik, Iceland.
The participating teachers and researchers all have a proven interest in the development of their field (as they chose to participate in a two day conference about journalism teaching), and thus are believed to have a critical and informed opinions regarding the issue, allowing them to provide qualified answers.
89 people were invited to answer the survey; 45 responded, with a nationality distribution reflecting the mix of participants.
The respondents’ answers on the survey revealed that there is a high interest in attending an international seminar focused on teaching the elements of integrated journalism.
•    80 per cent of the respondents teach online journalism with the integration of different media (text, sound, and video).
•    82 per cent are interested or very interested in online journalism on multiple platforms.
•    56 per cent of respondents say they imagine themselves participating in an international conference about teaching crossmedia journalism.


The Nordic Cooperation Commitee of Journalism Teachers:


 (in Swedish/Scandinavian only)

The programme for the Nordic Conference for Journalism Teachers 2014:


(in Swedish/Scandinavian and English).

The survey results:


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Open Questions

The sample group selected for the survey was very well defined: All participants who had attended a biannual conference for teachers of journalism in Nordic countries.
The participating teachers and researchers thus all have an explicit interest in the status and future of their field, given that they had chosen to set aside several days for the discussion and development of journalism teaching. As such, there is a bias in the selection of the sample – but the respondents on the other hand are believed to have a critical and informed opinion regarding the issue about cross-border seminars, allowing them to provide qualified answers to our questions, even with the more narrow focus on 'integrated journalism'.
The geographical bias is similarly obvious, as only academia from Nordic universities and j.schools are covered.
However, as a total, we believe that the survey provides valid insights and useful suggestions

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What Journalism Teachers Expect