Agreements with external media

Christopher Tulloch (Author) , Irene Da Rocha (Author)

Topics: UPF , Integrated newsroom , Ethics , University owned media , Production , Industry Collaboration

Engage external media to publish students’ work and to help create bonds between the industry and the university in order to stimulate production and innovation.

The tipsheet refers to Recommendation no. 1 in the IJIE State of the Art analysis (Ten Tips Guide): “Develop training for cross­media platforms and collaborative work. This can be done thanks to common editorial projects whether in internal laboratory newsroom settings or in collaboration with external media companies.”


Short description:

Two different subjects have explored the collaboration between external media and in-class production, mainly from the perspective of the distribution process of students’ work.

 (1) (Integrated Journalism Workshop)

It is a subject with teachers who work mainly in external media who use professional simulation as a key learning method.  We have also taken the leap from simulation to real production and this is what has ignited the students’ motivation. How did it change from simulation to real production? Well, simply talking about the idea with managers of some media who, to our surprise, instead of considering the university as a place distant from the real professional dynamics, they have decided to bet on training of this new generation of talent. The link with the industry has been materialised through a common journalistic brand, "Cetrencada", which unifies four different products that are born from the workshop and published in different companies acting as platforms for the dissemination of this journalistic product.

(2) News Agencies

This course has a triple mission:

i) to bring students closer to the professional newsroom dynamics of news agencies

ii) to understand the position, needs and corporate responsibilities of news agencies and

iii) to elaborate quality, professional level English language content for the subscribers to the global online news agency, the Catalan News Agency.
This course is offered at the UPF thanks to an agreement signed with the UPF in 2010.  Each "News Agencies" student journalist must dedicate a minimum of 50 hours to the production of news stories over a ten-week period and must produce stories of sufficient quality to be published at

Open Questions

After seeing the maximum degree of external collaboration and cross-media, one of the main “critiques” that some teachers might considerate is that when you have the pressure to publish in external media and you must comply with the expected delivery times, some times you miss teaching and learning opportunities from a slower rhythm. However the motivation, the preparation/readiness for work the environment that student’s receive cannot be changed.  

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