Pedagogical Framework - WP4

It is a basic assumption throughout the IJIE project that,

“Higher education institutions should actively research and promote new dynamics and innovation in the newsrooms, in order to train a new generation of 'integrated journalists'”.  
Young versatile journalists should be competent to work cross-platform, to control production processes, to proceed with the news coverage with any tool that can be carried in a backpack, and to edit material choosing the most appropriate language for each kind of information.” (from the IJIE Progress Report, p.6).

The IJIE project has among its overall objectives to:

  • Provide proposals for a true simulation training in college
  • Propose different integrated journalism models for different universities and companies
  • Achieve greater business involvement at college level
  • Develop educational materials to promote the integrated newsroom model

In the line of the four main cornerstones of the IJIE project - media integration, professional simulations, bonds with media companies and internationalization – the work package 4 was designed to focus on preparing materials, exercises, and techniques to include these key ideas into the university curricula.  
A pedagogical approach should be used to "develop themes, materials and exercises that will produce an optimal professional environment inside the classroom. As if they were in a real multimedia editorial department, students will have to improve several skills that will be required in the journalism world." (from the Project Document, p. 60).


The target groups, as defined in the IJIE Project Document, range from specialised academics to European NGOs and the broader public.
For Work Package 4, it was decided to focus on the teachers and academics as our primary target group.

With this in mind, and with an eye to the limited time available, the IJIE consortium partners decided to work along two parallel tracks:

MODEL COURSES - Track A for collecting a pool of interesting sample courses supplemented with course materials and a structured and usable description. The selection of sample courses was based on the partners' work with the previous IJIE work packages (the database of journalism curricula, and the State of the Art report and guide).

TIPSHEETS ON MAIN ISSUES - Track B for testing the recommendations from the WP3 State of the Art report, and for applying these to the IJIE project partners’ own course elements or procedures. Expected output: Concrete examples and results to offer with the WP3 recommendations.